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Life Style & Life Skills

By Dr. Pratibha Chandak

Jan 01, 2020

Welcome 2020!

Lets make resolution not for a day or week, but for life ahead. Yes, everyone and anyone can make it, as age and time is not the barrier for Life skills & Life style. It just needs your devotion and persistent dedication to make a move.




Dedicated to Tenth Standard

By Dr. Pratibha Chandak

March 28, 2018

Finally you are over, I mean 10th Exams are done !

Oh! 1 year you were with me and yes for 10 years n more, I studied only for you.

But this year you were very very special, School gave too much importance..

Teacher’s made me feel precious…

At home parents and family members took my special care…

Relatives, neighbour, friends and we’ll wishers were banned for coming at home or we didn’t go to their place..

All b’kos 10th you were with me…

Throughout the year you were my key factor…

My day n night was to study only for you n only you…

My sleep, my diet, my playtime, my entertainment, my celebration, my picnic, my hobbies n sports n etc… All ?????

TV was like showpiece in our house, … Only because 10th you were with me…

Finally the long awaited day arrived that’s the board exam and to tell you the truth… felt not less then a celebrity.. within the family.

At last! Exams reached the finishing point.. bought about a sign of relief and freedom. But within a week, started missing you dear school my second home. The long journey of togetherness in the four secured walls of what I’m today…

School you are my foundation, my pillar to build me for my next future…

Soon my carefree days will vanish like bubble and memories of school will never over..

Now long holidays…

But Another journey is soon awaiting to behold me.

Words n feelings my 31 years ago passed

From the nostalgic mind of one 10th student.

Dr Pratibha Chandak
Consulting Psychologist
For Career Guidance n Aptitude Test..

Positive Life- A Boon

By Dr. Pratibha Chandak

August 19, 2017

Welcome 2020!

Life is one time journey, as we travel along and ahead, there are many ups and downs in life.. but we travel ahead with all all the pros and cons. While going ahead in life with practical experience, do give more thoughtfulness to blooming your self with positive inertia. As you’r the master of your life as life is a Boon for you to live happily, peacefully and successfully as to your will and wish.